From the introduction to David Bowerman Catalogue, Chameleon Book1997

Richard Muhlburger: Art Historian, Museum Director


“Many factors contribute to the appeal of David Bowerman’s art.

His themes are traditional and familiar, but treated in a novel way.”


“What other artists may overlook becomes the animas, the life force

of his art.  The mounds and dips cause his faces—and flowers, too—to continue

speaking to us and the eyes to continue peering around the room. 

What they see and say is known only to the viewer…”


From private correspondence with FL, 2000-2005

F.L.:  Art historian, Museum Curator, Educator, Author


“I find your ability to avoid the decorative admirable.”  

“There is something very mysterious in the space that reaches out,

grabs you and then pulls you inward. The double contradictory

motion is irresistible….as is the radiance of color that sometimes

appears as pure light and sometimes as surface quality.”


“There is a moral quality, a recognition of goodness in your work…”


“You achieve a very intriguing new quality of light….

it strikes me as having something to do with temperature.”


From the interview in the Connecticut Review, Spring 2008

John Briggs: author-- Looking Glass Universe, Fire in the Crucible, CSU Distinguished Professor

Genette  Nowak Merin:  MFA, writer, educator


“…David Bowerman’s biography is an archetype of the

subtle inner drama that takes place in the creative process.”


“…the classical preoccupations of painters—color, luminosity, the

drawing of the human face—become, in his telling, like spiritual

problems, as if he was engaged on a quest for enlightenment by

the inscrutable deity of color and form.”