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CORPORATE CAREER: 10 years, starting as foreman and becoming VP, Gen. Mgr of a medium size manufacturing company

ARTIST CAREER: to date 34 years

— at 26, began first self-taught wood sculptures

— at 32, began studying part time for 3 years with Russian Emigre artist Shimon Okshtyn learning the underlying principles of how the old masters drew and the beginnings of how to paint with oil

— at 33, ended business career to work full-time practicing to draw and paint

— my intent was to learn to create work that expresses what is beautiful, meaningful and relevant

— this process from beginning to a mature original vision has taken 33 years


My Family

I have not drawn recent portraits.  Each is from a different year.

Some obviously a different decade.



I an indebted to these friends for their years of patiently posing,

assisting me to learn how to draw a portrait.